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​The Community Renovation


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Lauren with 32 film awards the non-profit was nominated for and won.




Dr. Michael Nobel of the Nobel Peace Prize family with Lauren.      At this meeting Dr. Nobel encouraged Lauren to continue his non-profit work developing and creating projects, media, & events, that  affect  unity , change and peace.

    The Donated Renovation House  

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​LAUREN INTERNATIONAL Inc.​ 501c3 non-profit organization 

Community Renovation TV Show  & Non-Profit Project 

NOW FILMING SEASON 2  The Nashville Music Production House   

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Lauren Stalnecker  Founder            COMMUNITY RENOVATION   NOW YOU CAN STAY AT THE COMMUNITY RENOVATION HOUSE!​​ The Community Renovation TV Show RELEASED!  WellsFargo donated the house that made it all possible. How to watch Community Renovation TV Show.  Search Lii (The abbreviation for lauren International Inc) nationwide on Roku & The New Apple TV. Our channel can be added for free and all 8 episodes appear. Om Tubi and Firesticks search Community Renovation and watch the show!   Lauren International Inc. now has a 30 year history of producing community service projects, events, concerts, seminars, programs and media with a message, making a difference in our world.  

 When we think of home and community we begin to realize that we are all apart of the bigger community known as our country. The big difference you will see in our reality series is the personal contact with those in our community from the view of a non-profit organization affecting change one neighborhood at a time.